RadioInternet about us

RadioInternet is produced in the heart of Europe and run by a group of independent, Radio- and Club DJ´s.

The 1st Web-born radio only accessible through the Internet featuring a select choice of sounds and infos on any comtemporary musical style. WE DO NOT ! SUPPORT MP3 FILES or any other DIGITAL DOWNLOADS!!!
Please send your feedback to our E-Mail address in ENGLISH, DEUTSCH, FRANCAIS, ITALIANO, ESPANOL OR PORTUGUES
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Our warmest thanXs to Maja Siebrecht, Miguel Aquiso (Radio Suisse Romand), Walter Hämmerle (smallstep productions), Walter Schaerer, Andreas Mustun, Patrick Dehmer, Michele Rapisarda, Flavio, Kim Anh Huynh, Daniela + Danilo, Toni, Ruth, Patrick R. and everybody else who provided valuable input to our project Copyright © 1997 - 2001 All Rights Reserved by RadioInternet
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